Top Left: Ike Solway, Hector Winnipeg, Jason Doore, Eldon Weasel Child, Marsha Wolf Collar, Ruben Breaker, Herman Yellow Old Woman, Francis Wolf Leg.

Bottom Left: Carlon Big Snake, Bradford Little Chief, Chief Joseph Weasel Child, Carlin Black Rabbit, Alfred Many Heads.

The Siksika Nation is governed by one Chief and 12 Councillors. The Chief and Council leadership positions are based on 3 year terms. This current term consists of a newly elected Chief and Council Members who were voted in during the fall of 2016.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Siksika Tribal Administration at the following: Siksika Nation Chief and Council 2016-2019 P.O. Box 1100 Siksika, Alberta T0J 3W0 Telephone: 1(800) 551-5724 Direct Administration Phone: (403) 734-5100 Fax Number: (403) 734-5282

Chief – Joseph Weasel Child

Oki, niitahnikoo “Stah’topamoh” (crosses under the water) from the Siyiiks Clan. I was told by my mother, Alice Siinopoh’komii Weasel Child, as well as my cousin Dr. Vivian Ayoungman and my uncle Levi Many Heads that the Siiyiiks are a Warrior Clan who protect Miistukskoowa, the Mountains, and the War Chief for the Clan, Many Swans, along with the traditional leaders of Northern Blackfoot Societies were the ones that “made peace” with the Northern Cree in 1871; a year after the last Blackfoot – Cree battle in Sikohkootokii (Lethbridge) in 1872. This event is also documented in the “Hanks Collection” from oral history gathered in the early 1900’s.

I was very fortunate to have met and married Sharon “Girlene” McMaster 38 years ago because without my life partner I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish many of the goals and objectives we set out for ourselves and our children. Today we are blessed with 15 grandchildren.


In the same manner that Mrs. Bad Boy and Mrs. Poor Eagle on behalf of Siksika Elders, passed on the Sacred Trust of Siksika Oral history to me in 1990 for the betterment of Siksikaitsitapii; I, Joe Weasel Child, NITAKA’ATOHWANII (take a sacred oath) that in the event Siksikaitsitapii entrust me with the Chieftainship of the Siksika Nation…I will continue to fight for KITOWAHSINIIN (Traditional Territories), the rights and benefits of our people and provide a better quality of life for ALL SIKSIKAITSITAPII.

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