Siksika Family Services

FCSS – White Buffalo

Mandate & Key Objectives

Promotes the social development of children and their families by enriching and strengthening the services to all Siksika Residents in Life Skills (12 wks), Grief Recovery, Anger Management, Effective Parenting and Healthy Child Development and Bully Prevention.

Siksika Day Care

Mandate & Key Objectives

The Siksika Day Cares’ philosophy is based on the principal that learning takes place during every moment of a child’s existence. The most natural learning experience for a child is play. It is important that our day care environment is beneficial to a child’s learning. The Siksika Day Care recognizes that nurturing and education go hand in hand, as it provides learning opportunities while meeting the fundamental needs for culture/language, health/nutrition, education, parental involvement, and social support.

Our Siksika Day Cares’ cultural programs’ general goals are to learn basic communication skills and to develop awareness and appreciation for our cultural values and lifestyles.

Combined Effort

Mandate & Key Objectives

The main purpose of the program is to provide a support service to clients that are under SFSC. We assist the social workers in helping clients eliminate their reliance on the welfare system through the career development program.

The main services of the program are: Computer literacy training; Identifying long term career goals and developing a plan to attain goals; Career development; one on one counseling and; ongoing client support.

Social Development

Mandate & Key Objectives

SIKSIKA Income Support Services exists to ensure that all Siksika Nation members and their families who are low-income have access to the resources, services and opportunities they require to promote their economic well-being and self-sufficiency

Youth Independence

Mandate & Key Objectives

Pre Employment Readiness assessment for 18-24 years of age. Assessing in areas of education, job training/work experience, seeking employment and rehabilitative support.

Department Information

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Toll free: 1-888-734-5140
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FCSS-White Buffalo Director: (403) 734-4365
Day Care Director: (403) 734-2554
Combined Effort Director: (403) 734-4392
Social Development Director: (403) 734-5140
Youth Independence Director: (403) 734-4354

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8AM – 4:30PM