Flood Update

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Flood Update – August 8, 2013

Boil Water Advisory

The Boil Water Advisory for the Nation is still in effect until Health Canada deems it is safe to consume the water without having to boil it first.

Damage Assessments

The rebuilding and inspection of infrastructure and housing is currently in progress, with the objective of getting evacuees back into safe, habitable homes as soon as practical.

The damage assessment teams (comprised of engineers, health inspectors, architects and public works personnel) are continuing the process of assessing damaged homes to establish the scope of the repairs necessary to return the homes to pre-flood condition.

The assessment teams will assess the structural integrity of each unit, as well as the mechanical (plumbing, furnaces), electrical, sewer and water systems. Health Canada personnel also inspect each unit for mould contamination. Each home assessed will then have a scope of work prepared and the costs to repair estimated. The assessments are planned to be completed by the end of next week, subject to unforeseen changes.

Community Liaison Committee

Community representatives from the affected flood areas have been selected and will attend regular Recovery program update sessions starting on Monday, August 12. The role of the Community Liaison Committee is to share information with their community and to also share the questions and concerns of community members so that they are heard and appropriately handled. The Committee representatives are as follows:

• Barry Yellow Fly (North Camp);
• Joey Robinson (South Camp);
• Warren Drunken Chief (Washington);
• Rufus & Carmen Red Gun (Chicago); and
• Gayle Poor Eagle (Poor Eagle Flatts).

Temporary Relief Shelters

The Poor Eagle Flats temporary Relief Shelter is scheduled to be open on Saturday, August 10. The Crowfoot Temporary Relief Shelter is scheduled to be open on Saturday, August 17.

To ensure the safety, security and comfort of all residents, including elders and children, there is a Zero Tolerance Policy for alcohol or violence in the Temporary Relief Shelters. Security will be in place at each location to ensure that Shelter rules of conduct are followed. Thank you for working together and respecting these rules.

Conservation Assistance

Siksika community members needing assistance with the restoration of objects of artistic, historic or spiritual significance can contact Gerald Sitting Eagle at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, 403-734-5171, to get more information.