Chief & Council Directory

Siksika Nation Chief and Council Directory

Chief Nioksskaistamik

Ouray Crowfoot


Oki Siksika, My name is Apoyiinam (Ouray Crowfoot). I am the Son of the recently passed Sisoyaki (Amelia Crowfoot Clark). The Grandson of Cecil Crowfoot. The Great Grandson of Aakiinam (Joe Crowfoot) and the Great Great Great Grandson to Issapoomahksika (Chief Crowfoot). Chief Ouray Crowfoot has a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) as well as a Master’s degree in Accounting (MACC) and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Ouray brings a solid background of corporate and personal experience to the role. Chief Crowfoot spent several years away from Siksika gaining his education and work experience and returned in 2017 to assist the Nation in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As a newly elected Chief, I am optimistic of the leadership Madupiks have selected. I feel we all have unique experiences that can benefit Siksika. As Chief, my goal is to work diligently to improve the quality of life at Siksika. Siksika Nation is regarded as very progressive, and I feel my job is to build on the foundation created by our ancestors and previous leaderships and to make our ancestors proud.  

Councillor Asinaipoka

Rueben Breaker


“Asinapoka” Saayiiks Clan (Reuben Dallen Breaker) 47 years old, 2nd Term Council (2016-2019) 
Certified Addications Counselor – Nechi Institute
Parents: Darrel & Rosemarie Breaker
Grandparents: Robert & Rosalyn Breaker; – Adam & Rosie Solway
Extended family: Big Snake & Medicine Shield
Values: Sobriety, Recovery, Healing, Public Safety, Fight against Racism
Delegated areas: Treasury Board, Communications, Public Safety 

Councillor Sikoha’tsista

Carlin Black Rabbit


Carlin Black Rabbit is excited to serve his second term as a councillor. He has been appointed to Siksika Nation Family Services Corporation as a board member and the newly designed Chief and Council task forces: Public Safety and Community Relations. Black Rabbit’s goals are to create an inclusive and safe community, with practicing progressive and wholistic thinking. Carlin is a proud father to his two children Jamin and Juno, engaged to his fiancé Maria, and a loyal friend, family member and avid volunteer in all communities throughout Alberta. Carlin loves music, wrestling, hot sauce and always finding new ways to reinvent himself. 

Councillor Kayihtsipimiohkitopi 

Kent Ayoungman


Oki nikso’kowaiks. Nitsitsi’tapinihkaasim Kayihtsipimiohkitopi, nitomahto’tsitapiyi Saayiiks. Hello my relatives. My real name is Riding a Painted Horse and I am from the Aggressive People Clan. I am also know as Kent Ayoungman. I have been appointed as the Chair of the Old Sun Community College Board of Governors. I also sit on the 1910/Negotiations, Consultation/Culture, Public Safety/Policing/Security/Legal task forces for this term of the Siksika Nation Chief and Council.

Councillor Makoya’tosi

Leon Crane Bear


Oki Siksika, my name is Makoyaato’si (Wolf Medicine), also known as Leon Crane Bear. I come from the Meat Eater Clan. My father is Tom Crane Bear, and my mother is the late Lucy Broad Scalplock. Learning is life long, and in this light, this is my first term on Council, and I am happy to serve the Nation to the best of my abilities. I am on the Siksika Board of Education (SBE), and the two Task Force: Culture/Consultation/Stoney Action, and Funding Agreement Team. Prior to Council life, I was part of a team at Old Sun Community College where I taught courses; so it’s a nice transition from theory based knowledge to on the ground front line work. 

Councillor Piitaisa’ksinam

Samuel Crowfoot


For the bulk of his career, Samuel Crowfoot has worked as a lawyer for tribes across the U.S. and is familiar with the needs, values, expectations and challenges that come with working in Indigenous communities. Mr. Crowfoot has worked both in private and public areas of law. He is a graduate of Utah Valley State College, Brigham Young University and the University of Wisconsin Law School. Before his term as Siksika Councillor he was a prosecutor and former judge. His current areas of focus are with Family Services, Justice, Emergency Management and Public Safety.

Councillor Akaistsa

Armond Duck Chief


Oki, I’m looking forward to serving Siksika over the next three years. I sit on the Old Sun Community College Board of Governors as Council Rep. Also the Consultation/Culture and The Public Safety/Policing Task Force.

Councillor Awatohtsikitstakiya’ki

Jenny Goodin


Oki I am so proud and honored to be elected to Siksika Nation Council.  My background is in health services as a Registered Nurse and I have been a clinical treatment nurse, management and acute care nurse during my 28 years of nursing while employed with Health Canada, Siksika Health Services and Alberta Health Services.  I speak fluent Blackfoot and strongly support preserving our language and culture.  I have been assigned as the Chair on the Siksika Health Board and to the Community Relations and Funding Agreement Task Forces. I believe in equality for all nation members. I look forward to continue working for the benefit of Siksika Nation. 

Councillor Konaitapi

Wade Healy


Oki Siksika, my name is Wade Healy. I am deeply honoured to be elected as your Siksika Councillor. My Blackfoot name is, “Koo Nai Ta Pii” meaning Man-of-Many-Winters because I overcame obstacles and difficulties in my lifetime. I bring life experience to the role of elected leader and I will work hard to create the change Siksika people want in their community.  I’m assigned to the Siksika Resource Development Limited Council (SRDL) team, as well as the task force called, “Community Relations”.  I want to meet with community members to create a vision of the future that is realistic and achievable. I look forward to constructive input from community members and together we can build a stronger, more successful Siksika.

Councillor Ksistsikomaaki

Tracy McHugh


Oki, I am honoured to represent Siksika in my newly elected position as Councillor.  My educational background is in politics and my love of politics has been with me since birth.  My Siksika name is Ksiistsi-kommakii (Thunder Woman) and I come from the Fish Eater Clan.  I am raised by my mother, Kathleen McHugh and hail from the Sand Hills District (146).   I look forward to implementing positive change and strengthening Siksika’s position on Indigenous rights.
Council Assignments: 1910/Negotiations Task Force; Funding Arrangement Task Force; Siksika Resource Developments Ltd. – Chair


Kendell Elroy Panther Bone


Oki, my Blackfoot name is Spotted Calf and I was first elected November 2001. This is my 7th term in Council. I’m assigned to the Consultation/Culture Task Force including the Land Use Planning Committee. I’ve also been assigned to the Treasury Board of which I’ve been appointed Chair of the Treasury Board. I am honored and humbled by the amount of support I received by Siksika Members over the years. I will continue to work hard at addressing our people’s needs and improve the quality of life of our members. I obtained my High School Diploma in 1981 (Cluny Bow Valley High School); Received my Journeyman Certification in Carpentry in Red Seal in 1987 (SAIT); Petroleum Land Administration for First Nation 1997 (SAIT); Land Management Training Program (INAC); Achievement Business Competencies Program 2005 (Alberta Blue Seal) (SAIT); Applied Management Certification 2005 (SAIT); Safety Codes Officer 2019 (Alberta Safety Codes Council).

Councillor Naatowohkiaayo/Naatoyipa’ksikoyi

Susan Solway


Co-Chair Siksika Health & Wellness; Member of the Community Relations Taskforce; 1910 Negotiations Taskforce; and the Funding Agreements Taskforce. Oki Nikso’kowaiks! For those that do not know me personally, I’m a proud Siksikakii from the Solway/Medicine Shield, and Smith/Bearchief families. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those who have supported me in this past election. I’m proud to be among our new and past leadership to support the innovated ideas that our membership envision for the community. I’m a lifelong learner and driven to inspire and motivate others. I have a strong desire to create opportunities for our people through community wellness and environmental sustainability, including financial, culture and language stability. I contribute my passion for the political arena, and the importance of Treaty-Crown Relations, to the teachings by my dad and the political leaders before us, including my grandfathers. When I’m not at the table discussing Nation politics and business, you can find me in line for coffee, spending time with my family, or outside on a hot day. Kyun!

Councillor Kanaikito

Ike Solway


Oki, I’m a Siksika Nation member and have served a prior 3 year term, 2017-2019, as a Council member. I am a family man and a member of the Kiinatsoomtaaks (Brave Dog Society). I’ve worked for Siksika Nation for over 15 years in the Siksika Administration Lands Services Area. I believe and am involved in Siksika community wellness – Spiritual guidance for Niitsitapi. I believe in the values of Respect, Trust and Honesty as a Siksika member and Siksika councillor to my fellow Mah’tapiiks.