Siksika Nation Justice

Siksika Justice Service Area will serve and protect the Nation by providing justice, legal and public security services.

Justice Office
Address: P.O. Box 1609 Siksika, AB T0J 3W0
Phone: 403-734-5123
Toll Free: 1-800-551-5724
Fax: 403-734-5196
Email: contactjustice@siksikanation.com

Justice Services

To provide overall Legal Court Programs to Siksika Nation Members, non-members, non-nation members residing with Nation Members, Chief and Council and Administration areas.

Legal Services

To ensure overall compliance with the legal services terms of reference and procurement policy by each service area so as to ensure consistent legal service delivery for the Siksika Administration.

Quasi-judicial Services

To provide traditional dispute resolution services to Siksika Chief and Council, Administration, Membership and other internal agencies.

Public Security Services

To ensure the safety and security of Siksika Nation and our People.

Siksika Court Worker Program

Court Worker: Tracy Many Heads
Email: courtworker@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-4058

Family Court Worker: Shelly Calf
Email: courtwork@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-4018

Provincial Court of Alberta: Siksika Nation click here for more information.

AISKAPIMOHKIIKS – Traditional Dispute Resolution

Email: joanneyh@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-3841

Administrative Support: Kennedy Smith
Email: siksikatdr@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-5707

Legal Aid of Alberta – Siksika Nation

The law is complex.
We’re here to help. 

While not everyone can afford a lawyer, every Albertan deserves access to a fair legal system. As a publicly funded, non-profit organization, we provide affordable legal services in family law, domestic violence, child welfare, immigration, and youth and adult criminal defense.

Please visit our website to learn who is eligible for legal aid and how to apply: https://www.legalaid.ab.ca/

Staff Lawyer: Grace Auger
Email: gauger@legalaid.ab.ca
Phone: 403-734-1091

Assessment Officer: Stephen Shirt
Email: sshirt@legalaid.ab.ca
Phone: 403-734-4350

RCMP Liaison – Siksika Nation

Police Officer: Cst. Kassandra Webster
Email: kassandra.webster@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Phone: 403-734-3815

Siksika Public Safety Building

Maintenance: Avery Bull Bear
Email: publicsafetybuilding@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-3815

Custodian: Kyle Stimson
Email: publicsafetybuilding@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-3815

Siksika Community Corrections

Fine Option Coordinator: Tracy Running Rabbit 
Email: Tracy.runningrabbit@gov.ab.ca
Phone 403-734-3829

Probation Officer: Oksana Netsko
Email: Oksana.Netsko@gov.ab.ca
Phone: 403-734-3829
Cell: 403-901-9762

Probation Officer: Tracey Flynn
Email: Tracey.flynn@gov.ab.ca
Phone: 403-734-3829
Cell: 403-901-6608

Siksika Animal Control Services

Animal Control Officer: Norman Running Rabbit
Email: animalservices@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-3815

Animal Control Officer: Leslie Right Hand
Email: animalservices@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-3815

Dog Care & Control Program Manager: Alanna Colicutt
Email: alannacolicutt@cataskforce.org

Siksika Security Services

Security Coordinator
Email: securitycoordinator@siksikanation.com
Phone: 403-734-3815