Press Release: New Peace Officer Program for Siksika Nation

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New Peace Officer Program for Siksika Nation

Siksika Nation – Siksika Nation Chief and Council is excited to announce that the Solicitor General Peace Officer Program of Alberta has provided authorization to employ Peace Officers in Siksika. The new program will provide Level 1 Peace Officers to work directly in the community, including three Siksika Nation members.

“The Peace Officer program is a huge step forward for the Nation. The Public Safety Task Force and leadership continues to ensure our community is safe for our people, and we are committed to upholding our responsibility. With the Peace Officer development, this is a major milestone that we can all be proud of as a Nation.” Shared Councillor and Chair of the Siksika Nation Chief and Council Public Safety Task Force Carlin Black Rabbit.

Each Peace Officer is authorized to enforce approximately fourteen Provincial statutes including the following;

  • The Traffic Safety Act;
  • The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, Part 9 Division 2;
  • The Provincial Offences Procedure Act;
  • The Dangerous Dogs Act;
  • The Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Act restricted to Sections 83, 84, 87, 89, 107,108;
  • The Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Regulation restricted to Sections 87.1

Peace Officers in the future will be eligible for enhanced appointments through the Solicitor General Peace Officer Program, when those opportunities are approved. This may include Motor Vehicle Collisions under $2,000.00 in damage with no injuries, or Theft under $5,000.00. Community Peace Officers will be a vital part of the Restorative Justice Program as they will be working in the community proactively for community safety not just enforcement practices. They have the ability to refer non-criminal matters to restorative justice and spend time with those in the program for continued success.

The goal is not enforcement, but community-based policing initiatives that seek to work with the community, for the community, and help the community develop programs that fit Siksika and make sense for the success and well-being of Siksika.

“This is a very big opportunity for Siksika Nation as we step forward to provide our community with safety and a program we operate, design, and manage so that the needs of all our community are met.” Explains Donna Tona, stakeholder consultant for Siksika Nation who is working closely with a number of key people in the Administration on getting the program started.

“We would like to acknowledge all the hard work that has been put into this application since December 2020 by the Public Safety Task Force, Chief and Council and under the Guidance of Richard Sparvier and Dyan Breaker from our Administration team. The vision and heavy schedule to achieve this was a great effort by our teams.” shares Tona.

Councillor Rueben Breaker, who also sits on the Public Safety Task Force, credits persistence and a strong working relationship with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General office as key to getting this much needed service for the residents of Siksika.

“This is a major accomplishment in regards to keeping our Nation safe. It has been a long process negotiating with the provincial government, but Siksika Nation has been persistent. We had a great relationship with the Alberta Justice & Solicitor General office as they worked with us to make this a reality.”

One of the main goals for leadership is for Siksika Nation to re-establish their own police force and this marks an important step towards to achieving this reality added Breaker,

“We now have the ability to patrol and monitor our communities. Leadership can now develop bylaws and be enforced by our own internal authorities. This is a step forward & one of our goals in re-establishing our tribal police.”

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