Siksika Home Ownership Program

Siksika Nation Market Based Housing Program

The Siksika Home Ownership Program is now available to Siksika Nation members who qualify for a mortgage and want to build their own home in Siksika or renovate an existing property on the Nation.


  • To address the housing shortage and issues such as overcrowding, the Siksika Nation continue to work diligently to lead and support the development of alternative housing options for Siksika citizens to access.
  • Siksika was approved by the First Nation Market Housing Fund which will provide financial backing to qualified individual members who can afford and choose to purchase, construct, renovate and/or refinance their own homes on the Siksika Nation lands.

The program was developed in collaboration with Siksika Nation, Bank of Montreal and the First Nations Market Housing Fund. The Siksika Market Housing Program is delivered by the Siksika Treasury department.

What is the Market Based Housing Program?

Siksika First Nation Market Based Housing program has been developed in conjunction with the First Nations Market Housing Fund.

The objective of the program is to provide community members access to affordable and competitive mortgages and loans in order to build, purchase, renovate or refinance homes on Siksika First Nation.

We’re here to help you access the funds you need to get the home you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today to get started.

Stage 1: Pre-approved Mortgage and the Application process
Stage 2: Approval and Construction/Renovation/Purchase/Refinance


Nelson Breaker
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Treasury Administration: 403-734-5170
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