Chief and Council update on work related to Indian Residential Schools in Siksika

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DATE: July 6, 2021

Work related to Indian Residential Schools in Siksika

Siksika Nation Chief and Council consider the work related to the residential schools extremely delicate, as we are dealing with survivors who may be reliving some of the traumatic events that happened during their residential school experience, as well as those children who never made it home.

 The work regarding these children who didn’t survive is extremely sacred, and there are traditional protocols & procedures related to that work. The necessary work may be conducted over many months as we had multiple schools on the Nation and we have a large land base. 

Siksika will release information when Chief and Council have deemed the time appropriate. Please respect our process and allow our team to do the work without expecting “results” to prematurely be made public. Siksika Nation will inform the media if and when we have any information approved by the Nation deemed available for release.

Much Respect,

Chief Ouray Crowfoot, CPA, MBA, MACC
Siksika Nation