Chief and Council

Siksika Nation Chief and Council

Siksika Nation is governed by one Chief and twelve Councillors elected every three years by the voting membership of Siksika Nation. Siksika Nation Chief and Council are accountable and report to the members of the Siksika Nation. The Office of Siksika Nation Chief and Council strive to maintain positive working relationships with all Nation departments, municipal, federal, provincial, international governments, and other stakeholders. Siksika Nation Chief and Council provides leadership, vision and direction in responding to the needs and aspirations of the community, while being committed to open and transparent flow of communication between members and leadership. 

Siksika Nation Chief and Council 2022 – 2025
Photo – Back Row L to R: Ike Solway, Hector Winnipeg, Samuel Crowfoot, Kendall Panther Bone, Ruben (Buck) Breaker, Strater Crowfoot, Owen Cranebear, Carlin Black Rabbit. Front Row L to R: Lou Ann Solway, Tracy McHugh, Chief Ouray Crowfoot, Marsha Wolf Collar, Candace Backfat.


Siksika Nation Chief and Council
Address: P.O. Box 1100 Siksika, AB T0J 3W0
Phone: 1-403-734-5109 or 1-403-734-5102
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-551-5724

Chief and Council Directory
Chief Ouray
Councillor Samuel
Councillor Owen
Councillor Kendall Panther
Councillor Tracy
Councillor Ike
Councillor Reuben
Councillor Candace
Councillor Strater
Councillor Hector
Councillor Marsha Wolf
Councillor Lou Ann
Councillor Carlin Black
Staff Directory
Assistant: Mariah Little
Assistant: Sharon

Meeting: To book a meeting with Chief & Council please submit a written request by phone, email or in-person at the Siksika Nation Tribal Administration. If you require assistance, please contact Siksika Nation Chief and Council Assistants.