Siksika Administration and Operations Service Area


Supporting and creating services and opportunities for a better quality of life for all Siksika Nation members.


Our mission is to provide quality economic, social and communication programs/services for the Siksika Nation.

Core Businesses

The Siksika Administration and Operation Service Area are charged with the provision of quality services to Siksika Nation members through the following Core Businesses:

Administration Support Services

Purpose: To provide a complete administrative, technology and communication services.
Key Functions/ Programs:

  • Information Technology
  • Siksika Publicist
  • Siksika Media
Business Support Services

Purpose: To provide business retail outlet, grants and development solutions to support entrepreneurs.
Key Functions/ Programs:

  • Siksika Post Office
  • Siksika Arts and Cooperative
  • Siksika Small Business
Management Support Services

Purpose: To provide facilities management, risk management for Siksika Nation members and properties
Key Functions/ Programs:

  • Siksika Men’s Lodge
  • Risk Management – Insurance
  • Rental Administration
  • Pensioners Utilities

Administration & Operations Background

Siksika Administration & Operations Service Area Background

Siksika Administration and Operations Service Area were established in January 2003 to provide services and programs for the Siksika people and to act as a support service for other Services Areas. In addition to risk management, and fleet management this area is also responsible for media services, Natoyikiimaan Men’s Lodge, and a postal outlet. For future growth and facilitation, this area is responsible for facilities management.

Siksika Media

Siksika Communications Department was established in 1987 – 1988 to operate a nation-owned radio station. In 1991, the Blackfoot Chief & Council Newsletter format was then changed to a newspaper. The Department was relocated back to Old Sun Community College and after extensive renovations, the department expanded to include a recording studio. The Communications Department was changed to Siksika Media in 2000.

Siksika Postal Outlet

The Siksika Postal Outlet was opened in March 1994 in the Siksika Commercial Complex to accommodate some of the mail for Siksika Nation due to the limited postal boxes. The postal outlet was owned/operated by SEDCO under a Canada Post dealership agreement from 1994 – 2000. The operation was transferred to Siksika Finance & Administration by BCR in 2000. The dealership agreement expired in 2004 with an amended agreement signed in August 2005.

Siksika Men’s Lodge

Chief and Council provided funds in 2000 to start the construction of a 10 unit men’s shelter and in 2001, the Natoyikiimaan Men’s Lodge was officially opened to provide a facility to temporarily shelter Siksika men who need a place to live and to assist them in their efforts to achieve self reliance. The administration of this facility was transferred to the newly established Siksika Administration & Operations Service Area in 2003. In 2007 – 2008, two additional program areas, Information Technology and Human Resources were transferred from Corporate Service Area to Administration and Operation Service Area. In 2008 – 2009, Human Resources, Siksika Publicist and Chief and Council Executive Assistants were transferred from Administration and Operations Service Area to the Executive Council Team.




Admin Building

Siksika Nation Administration Building