Public Works: Roads Department

Public Service Announcement

This announcement is intended to update the Siksika Nation community on the ongoing initiatives by the Public Works Department aimed at enhancing public safety, improving road maintenance, and boosting operational efficiencies. We acknowledge the maintenance and conditions road infrastructure is a concern of Nation members.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program
The Public Works Roads Division has launched a Heavy Equipment Operator Training program tailored specifically for our staff, utilizing Siksika Nation’s own equipment. This program is designed to enhance the operational capabilities and technical knowledge of our personnel. Participants are acquiring the skills necessary to operate equipment safely and efficiently, mastering optimal techniques for road maintenance. The focus of the training is on reducing potholes, establishing road crowns to reduce water pooling, standardized operating procedures, and upholding the highest standards of public safety. Initiated in March, this training is scheduled for completion in June.

Development of Maintenance and Operational Best Practices
Public Works has started the development of a comprehensive maintenance and operational best practices procedure and manual. This strategic initiative is designed to streamline our processes, reducing the frequency of maintenance interventions, and diminishing the overall effort needed for the annual maintenance cycle. By standardizing procedures and adopting industry best practices, we aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. This will help develop better, more reliable roads.

Road Analysis and Assessment Initiative
Public Works, in collaboration with management, is undertaking a comprehensive road analysis and assessment project. This initiative is aimed at formulating a strategic plan for repairing existing roads, reconstructing deteriorated roads, and prioritizing maintenance activities. The project will utilize impartial data to develop a systematic schedule and comprehensive upgrade plan for all roads within Siksika Nation. Additionally, we will collaborate with Alberta Transportation on infrastructure projects that intersect with our jurisdiction. This partnership will facilitate the accurate prediction and efficient execution of necessary maintenance and upgrades, ensuring a seamless integration of efforts.

Budgetary Constraints and Resource Allocation
Due to budgetary constraints and scheduling limitations, Public Works is unable to address all road repairs simultaneously. Currently, we are focusing efforts on securing sufficient gravel to address high-priority road repairs. Consequently, this prioritization will result in restrictions on the availability of gravel and sand for distribution to Siksika Nation members upon request. Additionally, the number of driveway repairs we can undertake may be fewer than in previous years. We value the concerns and support of all nation members and appreciate your assistance in identifying critical issues.

Securing Essential Bulk Materials for Infrastructure Maintenance
Public Works, together with management, is actively engaged in securing a reliable supply of bulk materials that meet specified standards, essential for the ongoing and timely maintenance of infrastructure. This initiative is critical to ensure that our infrastructure maintenance projects proceed without delays and adhere to the highest quality standards. That will allow for reduced issues in the future.

Impact of Weather on Road Maintenance Operations
We are currently experiencing variable weather conditions, which significantly impact our operations. The necessity for the ground to thaw and dry sufficiently before we can commence road repairs and maintenance poses a challenge. At present, the moisture content in the ground prevents us from initiating our planned road maintenance and construction activities for the year. We recognize that these delays can be frustrating, but it is essential to conduct these repairs correctly from the outset. This commitment to quality ensures that our work begins at the most opportune time of the year to achieve the best results.

Expansion of Road Maintenance Operations
Public Works is currently in the process of hiring additional staff, including equipment operators, to expand our road maintenance capabilities. This expansion will enable us to establish two separate road maintenance shifts, thereby increasing our operational hours. As a result, we will be able to accomplish more this year than in the past. Implementing two shifts marks a significant change in our operations, one that has never been undertaken before. This strategic enhancement is aimed at improving the efficiency and scope of our road maintenance efforts.

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