Billboard in Siksika honours the MMIW

Billboard located off highway 901 honours the Missing and Murdered Indigenous including Siksika Nation members.

Siksika Nation Chief and Council purchased a billboard off of highway 901 that runs through Siksika as a way to shed light on the issue of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons including our very own members. The billboard offers a message of prayer, ‘Nataisksohpawatsi’moihka’ translated to ‘I am always praying for you.’

“It’s so important that we openly acknowledge this issue here at home; sometimes we don’t realize that these issues are in our own backyards. By bringing awareness and talking openly about those missing or those murdered we are saying that injustices are not acceptable in our community; that domestic violence is wrong, that crime is wrong… we have to help keep each other safe .” explains Councillor Susan Solway.