Siksika Housing

Siksika Housing is a dedicated team to help build, maintain, and administer housing on the Nation. Our team consists of office, construction, maintenance, and tenant relations officers who are here to support you with your housing needs.

Housing Inspections

Home inspections may be requested by clicking the button below. We will discuss with you the situation and determine if a home inspection is warranted.

Before the inspection, we required that the following checklist is followed:

  • Attic hatch is clear
  • Electrical panel is accessible, free, and clear
  • Items beneath sinks are removed
  • All non-essential electronics are unplugged
  • All floor coverings removed
  • All windows are accessible
  • Belongings moved away from walls
  • Materials free and clear around foundation
  • Animals in cages or contained.

Housing Application

Housing applications may be submitted by email or mail to Siksika Housing.

Application Requirements:

Housing Transfer

You may transfer a home by sending us a completed application and supporting documentation.

We require the following:

  • ​Completed application form (download here)
  • Letter from leaseholder requesting the transfer
  • Email completed applications to​​

​A tenant relations officer will contact you once the information is received and verify the documents.

RAMP Application

Requests for ramps, walk in showers and any modifications related to accessilbility are funded through the RAMP program – this is a provincially funded program. Siksika housing will help with the application process. To be eligible for ramp funding, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. ​65 and over, using a 4 wheeled walker full time (or wheelchair full time)
  2. 65 and under, using wheelchair full time

​To submit an application to the RAMP program, please contact us for a referral at

​Further information is available at