Siksika Nation

Engineering Services

The Siksika Nation Engineering Services department, or Engineering Services, focuses on bringing a standardized approach to the Nation’s projects through Project Management, Technical Delivery, Quality Control, and Assurance.

With this approach, we are able to better understand and control our projects to ensure each project is designed and built to the correct standards and specifications for our Nation’s Members and their future.

Siksika Nation Engineering Services Organizational Chart


“To significantly improve engineering and project management workflows to deliver high-quality projects.”

The goal for Engineering Services is to deliver projects to a standard, and we aim to achieve this by detecting and preventing specific design-related issues before construction to reduce waste and costs and through effective project planning.

“This is the essence of Siksika Nation Engineering Services.”

Siksika Nation Engineering Services will strive to achieve this through cooperation and communication between Engineering services and other departmental partners (EP), such as Siksika Service Areas (SA). Our engineering services will adhere to the most common standards or codes and any other requirements to sustain the quality of the constructed projects.

Core Services

As a Service Provider to the Siksika Nation, Engineering Services main objective will be focus on three core pivots, which are:

  • Project Delivery and Construction Management.
  • Engineering and Technical Delivery.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Engineering and Technical Delivery

Our team members provide the Nation with a technical background in Engineering, which will allow further understanding and development of projects. We aim to ensure compliance during the project by:

  •  Implementing technical reviews on Projects
  • Ensuring construction is built as per design using Site Inspections and Reporting systems
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Master Service Agreements (MSA) with an expected savings of 30-40% with dedicated Engineering staff and fixed contract pricing
  • Construction Management
  • Conduct design reviews
  • Enforcing the Federal and Provisional codes
  • Ensure full compliance with the projects’ technical specifications.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control


Key Performance Indicators are crucial to the project’s success. To successfully complete a project, QA/QC must be implemented throughout its life.

Siksika Nation Engineering Services provides quality assurance and control to the Nation’s projects by:

  • Reviewing and auditing workflow,
  • Ensuring compliance with specifications/procedures/policies,
  • Quality Control Inspections for capital projects,
  • Policy review coordination with Engineering Partners (Siksika Service areas).



  • Mentorship program to accelerate the personal and professional development of our First Nations engineering students. If you would like more information you can read the Public Notice here or email Quality Control or apply through the following registration form link here!
  • How we do projects in Siksika – Link to follow in 2024
  • Join QCSA for one month of Project Management training! Join through the form below – under ‘Applications and Forms’
  • Hydrogen cell and Battery – Green initiative
  • QHS Training

Applications and Forms

  • Codes and Standards – Link
  • QC Management Framework – Link
  • Siksika Technical Specifications – <Currently under development>
  • Standard Typical Drawings <Documents Under Development>  
  • Quality Control Audits <Documents Under Development>  
  • OHS Audit questionnaire – Link
  • Documents Engineering Coding System <Documents Under Development>   
  • Project Assurance Plan – Link

Specifications and Standards

  • Codes and Standards – <Under Development>
  • QC Management Framework – Link
  • Siksika Technical Specifications – <Under Development>
  • Standard Typical Drawings  – <Under Development>
  • Quality Control Audits – <Under Development>
  • OHS Audit questionnaire – Link
  • Documents Engineering Coding System –  <Under Development>
  • Project Assurance Plan – Link


  • Quality Control Policy (DRAFT) – <Under Development>
  • Project Management Policy – <Under Development>
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy – <Under Development>

Presentations and Educational resources

  • GIS story map – Link
  • Fire Mitigation Study – Link
  • Siksika Map – Link
  • Policy Awareness Workshop – <Under Development>
  • Project Management Workshop <Under Development>
  • QC presentation – Link
  • TBA – How to Identify Structural Defects in Structures <Under Development>

Project Updates

  • Reserve Geotechnical Investigation Project – Public Notice
  • West Regional Sewage System Study – Recently awarded – Link to follow
  • DMAF Fund <Under Preparation>
  • Flood Mitigation Study for the Bow River <Link to the Study and maps to follow>
  • Cluny Demolition Project – Public Notice

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