Siksika Nation Internet Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Project: Siksika Nation Internet Infrastructure Upgrade Project
Contractor: CrossCut Directional Boring Ltd.

Public Notice:

The Siksika Nation Administration, represented by Siksika Nation Engineering Services, has initiated the Internet Infrastructure Upgrade Project. The project spans over a few years and comprises four components. These components include building optical equipment and Point of Presence (POP) shelters, installing transport equipment dedicated to the wireless network, expanding the wireless network, building a fibre transport network, and a Fiber To Home (FTTH) distribution split fibre network.

The wireless network expansion will require the placement of towers, microwave and radio equipment to connect individual customers. The project also involves activating services for both wireless and fibre-based customers, which includes items such as premise equipment, drop provisioning, and customer education. The project aims to provide wireless services and direct fibre cable connections to homes with high-speed internet of 50/10Mbps and digital phone services.

Siksika Nation Engineering Services recognizes that adjustments may be necessary based on ground conditions and technical and cultural challenges. The team endeavours to identify all cultural and historic locations to ensure protection and preservation for future generations.

Safety Awareness:

The safety of all residents is a major priority. Due to the construction, trenching, and transportation of tower equipment along our roads and highways, increased traffic awareness is needed. Traffic delays and stoppages may be experienced. 

Anticipated regular work hours will be 8:00 am – 4:30 pm on those days. No service interruptions are anticipated as part of this project, although, In case of severe weather, the project may be prolonged.

Any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to get in touch with

Siksika Nation Engineering Services