Siksika Nation Police Commission Swearing in Ceremony

Meet the New Siksika Nation Police Commission!

Today, we proudly introduce the new Siksika Nation Police Commissioners: Ohkinniinaa & Ninaaks Lou Ann Solway, Samuel Crowfoot, Reuben “Buck” Breaker, Marsha Wolf Collar, and Ike Solway.

In a swearing-in ceremony, these dedicated individuals were inducted to uphold the principles of law enforcement, ensure public safety, and foster positive community relations for Siksika Nation.

Formally known as the Public Safety Task Team, the Siksika Police Commission will play a pivotal role as we establish our own independent police service. This initiative, which began in 2022 with collaboration from Siksika, the Government of Canada, and the Province of Alberta, aims to enhance public safety in our communities.

The Police Commission will continue to engage with Provincial and Federal governments on policing arrangements and will establish a headquarter office on the East side of the reserve.

Siksika Nation Police Commissioners. Photo credit: Sinakssin Communications