Siksika Treasury Board Posting 

 Siksika Treasury Board is looking for two (2) representatives 


The primary function of the Siksika Treasury Board (STB) is to provide Siksika Chief and Council with advice and recommendations to support their decision-making process on matters respecting the financial management of the Nation. The board provides guidance to ensure Siksika financial resources and assets are managed properly and ensures compliance to Siksika Financial Administration Law (FAL) and applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures governing Siksika Nation.

More specifically, STB works collaboratively with Senior Officials of the Siksika Nation Tribal Administration, Related Bodies, and agencies to develop, implement, monitor, and ensure annual budgetary fiscal and operational plans as well as report significant variations to Leadership. The board also makes recommendations to Council on the selection, engagement, and performance of external auditors as well as the planning, conduct and results of auditing activities. The board also periodically reviews and makes recommendations to Chief and Council on FAL and other financial administrative policies.

Composition: Minimum of six (6) and maximum of nine (9) members appointed by Council. At least two (2) but no more than one-third (1/3) of treasury board must be Siksika Nation Councillors. The Chief of Siksika Nation must also be ex-officio of Treasury Board.

 Criteria to serve: 

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older. 
  2. Must have financial competency and must be independent (do not have direct or in direct financial relationship with Siksika Nation government that could, in leadership’s opinion, reasonably interfere with the board member’s exercise of independent judgement as a member of the Treasury Board). 
  3. Experience in Community Development planning. 
  4. Competency in First Nation governance, principles, and practices. 
  5. Competency and/or work experience in Public Sector or Industry. 
  6. Business acumen. 

Term: Three (3) complete fiscal years.
Meetings: At least 12 times in each fiscal year.
Quorum: Majority fifty (50%) percent plus one of the total number of Treasury Board members, provided one is a Siksika Nation Councillor.
Resource staff: Tribal Manager, CFO, and Treasury Service Area

If you are interested in serving as a Representative for Siksika Treasury Board, please submit a cover letter and resume outlining your education, work experience, volunteering and other pertinent information that would make you a suitable candidate.

Please submit to:
Siksika Nation Treasury Board: Attention Leah Bear Chief – Administrative Specialist via email at or drop-off at Siksika Treasury – Administration office or send via mail to Siksika Treasury Board, P.O. Box 1314, Siksika, Alberta, T0J 3W0. Open until filled.