Special Weather Statement for Siksika March 19 2024


According to Weather Alert Canada, there is a Special Weather Statement issued for our jurisdiction. Over the next 48 hours snowfalls is estimated to be at 15-20 cm.

Siksika Nation Public Works will continue to maintain roads to ensure safe access ways. Our priorities are essential services, high medical risk, and elders.

When an emergency event is triggered, Nation members can expect the following to occur for Public Works Operations:

  • Solid Waste Department will shut down blue bin and tote pick-ups. This is done so that staff can all support the Roads Department with snow removal operations.
  • Public Works will provide towing services for school busses, and other admin fleet.
  • Public Safety will also offer picks ups and drop offs for people that are stranded.

Please note that Public Works will no longer assist with vehicle recovery (towing) due to all the liability issues it poses. There are towing companies that are available for this service.

For more information, please call Wendell Calf Robe at 403-361-0017 or 403-734-4388.