Siksika Nation Coat of Arms


Siksika in our language means “Blackfoot”.

In June 1992, Siksika became the first Nation to register its Symbol as a Coat of Arms with the Heraldic Authority of Canada. The Coat of Arms was designed by Mark Wolfleg Jr. and is listed as Volume One, Number One in the First Nations Section.

The buffalo in the Coat was chosen as the symbolic animal of the Siksika because it provided our ancestors with food, clothing and shelter; the arrow in seven pieces represents the seven societies in the Tribe such as The Horn, Crow, Black Soldier, Motoki, Prairie Chicken, Brave Dog, and Ma’tsiyiiks; the medicine pipe symbolizes peace and crosses the tomohawk, the weapon of war which was put to rest for ever; the circles represent the duration of the treaty signed by Chief Crowfoot on September 22, 1877; as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the water flows.