Bylaw Ticket


f the fine is not paid or the allegation contained in this ticket is not disputed within 14 days from the date of service of this ticket, offenders will be deemed to have pleaded guilty to the offence charged in the ticket and will be immediately liable for payment of the full fine amount in this ticket.

Pay the Ticket

Tickets can be paid in person by attending the Justice counter at the Siksika Nation Administration Building between 8:00am – 4:30pm.  

Cheques can be mailed to:

C/O Siksika Public Safety at 

PO Box 1314, Siksika, AB T0J 3W). 

Ensure that you include your ticket number on the cheque.

E-payments are coming soon.

Restorative resolution

Do you wish to explore resolutions to recover from your offence?  Is it your desire to work with the victim of the offence to restore harmony?  We invite parties involved in restorative programs to divert bylaw offences from the criminal justice system to avoid involving a court attendance.  

Click here for referral to Aiskapimohkiiks referral process.

Request trial

Do you wish to have your matter heard in Court by a judge? Indicate this at the time of the ticket, or contact Protective Services at 403-734-3815 to arrange the issuance of a court appearance. The matter will then be forwarded to the court for scheduling a trial.