Protective Services

Siksika Nation

Mobile Patrol

 Mobile security officers are out patrolling your community day and night. Helping keep communities feeling safe and making sure businesses stay secure. They provide a presence that is customized to address concerns, positioned to provide the security service the nation requires. Preventative patrol services are proactive security measures to deter theft, vandalism, and other crime.

Typical Duties performed during Mobile Patrols:

  • Patrol all nation communities, buildings, Parking lot compounds, Designated Patrolled stops
  • Assist Animal Services
  • Traffic control
  • Attend Special events.
  • Report Criminal Activity
  • Follow Emergency Response protocols.
  • Lone worker checks

Our teams are trained to respond effectively to a variety of calls. When an immediate security presence is required on-site our mobile security will be there when needed the most. Once they receive the call, they will on-site within minutes assessing the risk, dealing with it in a prompt and professional manner, submitting a report with their findings.

Traffic Safety

Traffic enforcement is an integral part of the services provided by Siksika Nation Protective Services Community Peace Officers. In order to provide safe and healthy communities by protecting the motoring public and local infrastructure, proactive traffic enforcement has been and will continue to be a high priority for Siksika Nation Protective Services. Traffic enforcement patrols are conducted by Community Peace Officers patrolling proactively when not engaged in other duties. Traffic enforcement are conducted on both Nation roads and authorized highways.

Public Education

Our officers offer many great programs for schools, community events, and workplace functions.

  • Bike Rodeos
  • Crime Prevention for the Elderly
  • Internet Safety
  • Issues for Elderly Drivers
  • Play Safe
  • Rural Crime Prevention
  • Scams Awareness
  • Substance Abuse

Bylaw Enforcement

Siksika Nation has taken steps to ensure compliance with the Nation’s laws.  Peace Officers are authorized to investigate, intervene, and when necessary, issue tickets to add accountability to public safety matters. We incorporate public education and restorative justice into our initial investigation techniques, so we are not unduly punishing people who legitimately did not know a violation was occurring.  Tickets are reserved for serious offences and threats to the wellbeing of Siksika Nation. Click here if to learn how to resolve a Siksika Nation Bylaw Ticket

Crime Prevention

Visit the site to learn of ongoing strategies to prevent becoming a victim of crime!