Project: New West Regional Wastewater System Planning Study

Prolect: West Regional Sewage System Study
Partners: Siksika Engineering Services

PUBLIC NOTICE – New West Regional Wastewater System Planning Study Siksika Nation’s Engineering Services Office has hired ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) to complete a study for a new wastewater system on the west side of the community.

The project is needed because certain sections of the current system are reaching capacity or end of life. To ensure that the system continues to serve the community’s sewage and wastewater collection and disposal needs into the future, a new unified system needs to be planned, designed and constructed.

Currently, ISL is working with the Nation’s Engineering Services Team to conduct technical research to develop some recommended locations for a new sewage lagoon facility as part of the formal planning for the ultimate project to be delivered.

These options will be shared with the community in an upcoming engagement process, to hear what residents think about the proposed locations and receive feedback that may be used to help the Engineering Services Team choose the best site for the new facility, considering as many different perspectives as possible.

Community engagement is set to start in November 2023. More information about when and how
residents can participate will be available in October 2023. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Engineering Services